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All-Star Page

For Video and Audio clips of the All-Star game click here.

The best of dunk of them all, through the legs
Bam! The windmill
The trophy, Vince, and Dr. J
Shaq says OhhhhhMan!
Vince holds up the trophy



"It's funny, I can look around and see how these guys look, and then see how I feel and look.  I'm the guinea pig."-Vince Carter

"You Toronto?  Vince Carter! Awesome! Slam dunk! Champion!"-Joe Yang, 20 year old Chinese student who won a contest to meet Vince, speaking to a Torontonian reporter

"Who's your favourite player?  Have you met Michael Jordan?  How much does that Rolex cost?-Excited student at an elementary school in Oakland where Vince was visiting

"I normally don't go to the Saturday night stuff, but with Vince there, I'll be at the slam-dunk.  I don't want to miss that.  He's my favourite player!-Shaquille O'Neal

"There was, I think, a little too much emphasis on the dunk contest."-Vince Carter, after taking the field apart on Saturday night

"I love the way you play the game, young man."-Karl Malone to Vince

"He's off the charts!  People say that.  But he really is off the charts.  He's amazing!"-Isiah Thomas, Slam-Dunk judge

"You saw it."-Jerry Stackhouse, dunker following Vince, on how hard that act would be to follow.

"It's over, ladies and gentlemen.  It's over, we can all go home."-Kenny Smith, announcer and Slam-Dunk judge, after Vince's first dunk